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How often do you put your interest first? Most people do because it’s a human instinct. Most people also still reject God’s right way of living. Ignoring God’s direction will lead to confusion and destruction. If you haven’t submitted to God you will end up doing whatever seems right at the time. Therefore, to know what is really right and to have the strength to do it we need to draw closer to God and his Word.

Guess what? God also has your best interest as it relates to your diet. Think about all the fruits and vegetables in this world that he’s given to us. But look what society is doing to our diets. Companies are making all modifications of his precious gifts given to us on earth (anything in a box, all the pesticides on our fruits and vegetables etc). If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables just as he has provided for us we will also be living the right way. Think About It!


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will make this before i leae 4 uni, hopefully.(by anneorshine)

I’ve been seeing some May challenge proposals all over the place, but only for physical health. May I present to you:


The May Mental Health Challenge

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